NEWS 01.04.2016

12th International Congress and Exhibition of Turkish Flour Industrialist's Federation was held in Antalya


12th International Congress and Exhibition held by Turkish Flour Industrialist's Federation, participated by Food Agriculture and Livestock Minister Faruk ÇELİK was inaugurated with a ceremony in Antalya/Belek.

In his opening speech, Minister ÇELİK said that important steps will be taken regarding Turkish Grain Board (TMO). He stated that it will leave private sector and chambers to licensed warehouse, because TMO poses an obstacle for licensed warehouse. Thus, licensed warehouse can be developed and product and stock market will be emerged. TMO will be repositioned regarding purchasing and market valuation of product.

Representing our Organization TMO General Manager Ayhan KARAYAMA, Deputy General Manager R. Kayhan ÜNAL, Head of Trade Department Cihan SOYALP and Manager of Market Monitoring and Evaluation Branch Çağatay MARAŞ participated to the opening ceremony.