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NEWS 17.01.2014

"The Meeting held for the announcement of the Results of the Campaign for Preventing Bread Waste"

The results of the “Research on Bread Waste in Turkey” of 2013 have been announced. The contribution to the economy of the country for one year of the Campaign for Preventing Bread Waste is 2,8 Billion TL.

In the aim of preventing bread waste and the loss it creates in economy and in order to create awareness and sensibility to generalize the use of whole wheat bread under the aegis of our Prime Minister the “Campaign for Preventing Bread Waste” was started on January 17th, 2013.

The campaign studies with the accomplishment of the Ministry and the central and provincial organizations of The Turkish Grain Board (TMO) have been carried out for one year together with the cooperation of the Ministries, governorates, municipalities, other establishments and foundations, non-governmental organizations, private sector and media.

In order to understand the effects of these studies on the society, the change in the quantity of bread waste and consumption habits at the end of 2013 TMO has made a new research. 

The Minister of Food Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Mehdi Eker has declared the result of the research carried out to determine the one year effects of the “Campaign for Preventing Bread Waste” which was started on January 17th, 2013 and said “With the campaign, we have decreased the daily bread waste which was 5 million 950 thousand in 2012 by 18 % to 4 million 900 thousand. Therefore the daily bread waste of 1 million 50 thousand and annual bread waste of 384 million bread was saved from being wasted, when we add the 300 million TL that is the equivalence of the bread saved from being wasted to the 2,5 billion TL. of the amount obtained from bread consumption, 2 billion 800 million TL of saving has been achieved.”  


Minister Eker mentioned that the campaign was started on the 76th anniversary of TMO and a wide range campaign was implemented in order to draw attention to the waste of bread which is considered to be a blessing material in our society, create awareness, raise public awareness and to decrease waste. After Minister Eker stated that a research was made before the campaign and all the dimensions of waste was put forward, then he also stated that this campaign turned to a national campaign and is a continuing process, he said ”This is not something that starts and ends. We started it but it is going to go on. Why? Because it is a culture, life style, life philosophy. As individuals we should interpret it properly and adapt it to our lives.”

Minister Eker thanked the supporters of this campaign and said, “The daily bread consumption was 95 million before the wide range campaign was started one year ago but now it has decreased to 86 million and the annual bread consumption was 35 billion in 2012 and it has also decreased to 31 billion in 2013. As a result there was a 10 % decrease in consumption. This is a saving and waste has been prevented. Not wasting, being sensitive and sensible has been effective. As consumption decreased naturally production also decreased. Instead of producing the bread they were not going to sell or they were not going to be able to sell, they produced bread as much as they would be able to sell and a saving was made. A chain effect was created. The daily bread production in 2012 was 101 million and the yearly bread production was 37 billion, these figures dropped to 91 million daily bread production and 33 billion annual production of bread in 2013. There was a 10 % decrease in production as there was in consumption.”

After stating that bread waste had decreased as a result of the wide range work carried out during the campaign Eker continued his speech; “The current monetary equivalent of the bread waste in 2012 was over 1,5 billion TL. and this amount has decreased to 1,3 billion TL in 2013 with the campaign. The monetary equivalent of the bread saved from being thrown away was 300 million. The effect of the campaign was felt on the consumption habits of our people.  This is what we actually wanted to achieve. To place on the table as much as bread we will be able to eat. Gaining this habit, making this calculation. Our people have bought bread as much as they needed and consumed it with control and this has provided saving in consumption. When our people annually spent 26 billion TL in 2012 for bread in 2013 this dropped to 23,5 billion TL. The monetary equivalent of this saving was 2,5 billion TL. In conclusion when the 300 million TL which is the monetary equivalent of the bread saved from being thrown away is added to the 2,5 billion TL saving then a total of 2 billion 800 million TL has been saved.”

Eker who has emphasized that bread must be consumed by keeping in mind that it is a holy and blessing product also stated that domestic saving must be increased and prevention of waste was included in the 10th Development Plan and saving has also been included in the targets for 2023.

After the speech of Minister Eker, the representative of Turkey and the Regional Coordinator of the Food and Agriculture Organization Mr. Mustapha Sinaceur took word and stated that the general food loss faced in the world and the discussions of waste is not a surprise, the Turkish people have reflected their opinion and interest on the matter externally for the last two years.  Later he gave some figures on waste in the world and finished his speech by thanking the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Food Agriculture and Livestock for their supports to the campaign.

Our General Manager Mr. Mesut Köse took word and reminded that the first research on bread was made in 2008 and the second one in 2012 and expressed that in these researches the attitudes and behaviors in bread consumption and the factors affecting bread waste were reviewed. Köse emphasized that the campaign started in 2013 was carried out with a coordinating group composed of 100 individuals by TMO and with the participation of 417 different institutions and foundation. He underlined that the total advertisement cost of this campaign was 500 million TL. and through many TV programs and newspapers the campaign was announced  to every corner of Turkey, 2 million 750 thousand of different materials to be used for the campaign were prepared and handed out.  Our General Manager Mr. Mesut Köse said, “the campaign has completed its one year and the results show that social sensibility has been raised on waste and the amount of waste has decreased, consumers were informed on how to use stale bread, the consumption of whole wheat bread had increased and bread was started to be purchased as much as needed. Likely the consumption of bread has decreased and big saving was achieved for our national economy. Köse mentioned that they stated the value and holiness of bread at every opportunity during the campaign and expressed that the participation of the people in the campaign was very sincere and high.

After the speeches Minister Eker and the other participants visited the stands with food made from stale bread and the food that won in the contests during the campaign and the stands with the written materials made for the campaign; while the food made from stale bread was being presented to the participants the recipe book giving recipes made from stale bread were being handed out.

The information and evaluations regarding the results of the research were shared with the people with the Campaign Results Meeting held on January 17th, 2014. You can obtain the texts of the speeches made at the meeting and the brochures bearing information on the campaign and the results from the following links.

Speech Texts of the Campaign Results Meeting

Books of the Campaign Results Meeting

Campaign Introductory Film and Photo Gallery